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Wish granted for young Crows fan

Adelaide partnered with Make-A-Wish and Hungry Jack’s to fulfil Dominic’s dream.

Young Crows fan Dominic has had a tough 14 months.

The eight-year-old was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive, degenerative disease, that will eventually affect his overall mobility.

As part of Hungry Jack’s annual Wishmaker month, which proudly supports Make-A-Wish Australia, Dominic, an avid Adelaide supporter, was given an opportunity to be a Crow for a day.

Joined by his parents Dionisia and Steven, along with his younger sister Zoey, Dominic took part in a training session with the team on Wednesday and was given a tour of the headquarters at West Lakes.

Adelaide Skipper Jordan Dawson, Rory Sloane, and Izak Rankine met Dominic when he arrived at the Club on Wednesday, where he was part of the team meeting and presented with a guernsey, as well as a red ‘coaches’ shirt by Crows Senior Coach Matthew Nicks.

Dionisia said it was a moment her son and family would never forget.

“He has been counting down the sleeps and has been very excited especially the last couple of days,” Dionisia said.

“It means a lot to be able to meet the players he watches every week because he can’t always get out and kick a footy and do all those things all the time.

“It has been a tough 14 months, so it means a lot to have something to look forward to and have something that he was really excited about.

“The players have taken him in and given him an experience he will never forget.”

Dominic and his family were also in the Adelaide changerooms pre-game before its clash with the West Coast at Adelaide Oval on Saturday.

Dionisia said the whole experience had been extra special as the week coincided with Taylor Walker’s 250th game – one of Dominic’s favourite players.

“We came into the team meeting today which was pretty special with it being Tex’s 250th game this week,” Dionisia said.

“He does like all of them, but he does love Tex, Sloaney and Rankine – the list could go on.

“He won’t be able to stop talking about it.”

Dionisia said the family was grateful for the support it had received from Hungry Jack’s, Make-A-Wish Australia and the Adelaide Football Club.

“He’s started hydrotherapy and he’s on steroids, he’s got yearly heart check-ups and you’ve got to keep an eye on his bone density and things like that,” Dionisia said.

“There is no cure at present so we’re hoping things are developing in medicine.

“We are so grateful to Hungry Jacks, Make-A-Wish and the Crows, it’s a day he will never forget.

“Just watching him express his excitement in his Dominic way is something we will never forget.”

In its third year, the annual Hungry Jack’s Wishmaker month is back in 2023, proudly supporting Make-A-Wish Australia.

Hungry Jack’s customers can purchase a $2, $5 or $10 star in-store, drive-thru, or via the Hungry Jack’s app, until June 26, with all funds raised going to Make-A-Wish Australia.

The goal for this year is to raise $2 million for Make-A-Wish Australia to help make wishes for critically ill children come true.

Hungry Jack’s is the Principal Partner of the Adelaide Crows.

Find out how you can support Wishmaker month here.